Australia isn’t all plum trees and rocking chairs.

Koala reckons all Australians should feel comfortable at home. But some of our most beloved cultural icons don’t always reflect the diversity and reality of Aussie life today.

That’s why we’re teaming up with comedian Gen Fricker, a super talented musician and the whole of Australia to rewrite the iconic song ‘Give Me A Home Among the Gumtrees’ to reflect modern life in this place we call home.

We’re calling it #ChangeOurTune.

With help from all Aussies, we want to take it from classic country to a big, banging anthem we can all get behind, whether you live among the gum trees, the flight paths, wine bars or big surf.

To find out more about the campaign, follow #ChangeOurTune on social media, and visit our website to see how Koala’s beautiful, sustainable furniture can make any home that bit more comfortable.